DIVER documentary film at MIPCOM 2018
28/52 min
Premiere January 2019
Why does a father of a small child hazard his own life to help a football team in Thailand in one of the most dangerous rescue operations of all time?
In northern Thailand, close to the boarder of Myanmar lies ten kilometres long mountain complex called Tham Luang. On July 2018 local football team called Wild Boars disappeared in the area soon after their daily practice. Soon it was obvious that the team has gone inside the mountain. Heavy rain had made it impossible to exit the cave and team was trapped somewhere deep in the complex. Tham Luang cave rescue operation captured the attention of the whole world. Most of the people shared the opinion that the boys were unlike to survive.
One of the volunteers heading to Thailand was a Finnish technic diver Mikko Paasi. Paasi ended up playing one of the most dangerous roles in the whole operation. 13 divers were ordered to enter the cave and bring the team out. Paasi ended up helping in the chamber closest to the children.
Mikko Paasi is now ready to return to the Tham Luang caves and tell all about how it was to dive in the floating cave system with no visibility and with responsibility of the 13 human beings. What kind of memories will arise when seeing the operation spot after five months? Mikko also have unique gopro footage from the cave. We will meet some of the rescued boys and local people near the operation area.
Diver is a close up story of 43 years old Finnish diver and his life during and after the exceptional mission. We will find out how did the operation changed the life of a diving instructor? And why does a farther of small child hazard his own life to help other people in one of the most dangerous rescue operations of all time?