Jono (Queue)

12 min, 2005

A documentary about truck queues and the everyday life of truck drivers on the border between Finland and Russia.

Director Kimmo Yläkäs

Channel Yle Yhteistuotannot

Leipzig International Festival of Documentary and Animated Film, Germany 2005
Documentaries in Maribor International Film Festival, Slovenia 2005
Tampere International Film Festival 2006
Docpoint Helsinki International Documentary Film Festival, Finland 2006
Mallorca International Short Film Festival, Spain 2006
Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival, Estonia 2006
Cosi fan Tutte - Vienna International Short Film Festival, Austria 2006
Blue Sea Film Festival, Finland 2006
Love and Anarchy Helsinki international Film Festival, Finland 2006
Tinklai International Short Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania 2006
Arctic Fury - Film and Media Festival, Finland 2006
11th Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran 2006