Kakara - short movie

Man drags his girlfriend to hospital for abortion.
A Brat is the last thing needed right now. But sitting in a waiting room can change your mind.

Scary and ill-natured, Hammarberg frightens off all the patients in the hospital waiting area except for one – a young girl who finds his prickly, annoying nature quite fun. As the tiniest hint of a thaw begins, Hammarberg shockingly realizes this young girl may be a bigger fraud than he.

Ohjaaja Kimmo Yläkäs

Kanava YLE



Tampere International Film Festival 2013, National Competition - Finland
Palm Spring Short Fest 2013, USA
Arts and Algorithms New Media Festival 2013, USA
Leeds International Film Festival 2013, UK
Bahama International Film Festival 2013, Bahama
InterFilm ShortFilm Festival 2013, Germany
Reggio FilmFestival 2013, Italy
Helsinki International FilmFestival 2013, Finland
Crime and Punishment Film Festival 2013, Turkey
Istanbul International Film Festival 2013, Turkey
Nordic Lights Film Festival 2013, USA
New Filmmakers L.A. Festival 2014, USA
Cleveland International Film Festival 2014, USA
Tribeca International Film Festival 2014, USA
Newport Beach FilmFestival 2014, USA
Skandinavische Filmtage 2014, Germany
Murmansk Finnish Short Film week 2014, Russia
New Hampshire International Filmfestival 2014, USA
Traverse City FilmFestival 2014, USA
65th MISFF Short Film Festival 2014, Italy
Short Visions Ningbo International Short Film Festival 2014, China
Postira Seaside FilmFestival 2014, Croatia
BFI London International Film Festival 2014, UK
ADC Butter screening 2015, USA