Vaalitaisto (Election battle)

50 min, 2006

The documentary Vaalitaisto is about a municipal election campaign. A first-timer, Eetu Kirppu, wants to gain a seat on the municipal council of Miehikkälä. We see many tricks of the trade as Eetu and his quick-witted campaign manager, Esko Riikkola, go canvassing. According to Esko's calculations, Eetu needs 30 votes in order to get the seat. To secure the votes, the men go from house to house, having conversations with the potential voters; organize their own election event with fire sculptures, as well as meeting the Minister of Public Administration and Local Government.

The eventful election campaign reaches its zenith on the election day, when the credibility of the candidate and the campaign manager is finally measured. Eetu has a period of great responsibility coming up in his private life as well, as his partner, Suvi, is expecting their first child, who is due around the same time as the municipal elections.

Directors Pasi Riiali, Mikko Peltonen

Channel YLE TV2, Dokumenttiprojekti

Honorary mention Kettupäivät Helsinki 2005
Honorary mention Tampere film festival 2006
Special mention Contact festival, Kiev, Ukraine 2006
Selected for the special series Docpoint Helsinki 2005
Chosen for Nordisk Panorama (Denmark) broadcast series 2006
Int. distribution Channel 1+1, Ukraine